Who we are

Borgo Stalis Resort

This resort was born out of a dream of Francesco Bragato, founder of AzGroup in Bibione, which came true in “Borgo Stalis,” an enchanting place. This place combines the charm of tradition, the beauty of the surrounding nature and 30 years’ experience in the hospitality industry.

The Resort offers a wide range of apartments and suites for your vacation, with solutions to suit all tastes.

The ancient village and the Mills of Stalis were the driving force behind the creation of this resort, where the history of the village, the magic of the Lemene River, and the beautiful nature of the hinterland come together.

Borgo Stalis represents excellence in hospitality, where every guest can experience unforgettable and authentic moments, enjoying a unique and relaxing stay. With the support of a dedicated and professional team, the resort is committed to ensuring an unforgettable experience for all who choose to spend their vacation here.

From this unique place rich in history, Hostaria Borgo Stalis was born. With a focus on tradition and an eye on the modern, here at Hostaria you can find traditional Venetian and Friulian dishes.

We try to use, as much as possible, products that are km0 or come from companies that respect the raw material and create sensational products.

This will be accompanied by a local wine list that pays homage to our lands and the farmers who produce excellent wines every day.

The place is also suitable for breakfast, a convivial lunch, the relaxing aperitif with the Lemene River in the background, and a perfect dinner. Come and discover our menu.